3d printing post processing

3D printing post processing

AM-Flow: Post-processing in the factory of the future

With a clear vision for the industrial automation of Additive Manufacturing technologies, AMFlow develops solutions for post-processing.

The most wanted solutions include:

  • identification (AMVision),
  • sorting (AMPick),
  • transportation (AMRoute),
  • digital workflow (AMLogic)
  • custom-fitted packaging (AMPack)
  • next generation production environments (AMExpert).

The AMFlow expert-team combines background in additive- and traditional manufacturing environment.

We provide proven methods for efficient and effective production.
An example of this was presented in the Formnext exhibition.

Enabled by multi-camera high end vision we demonstrated that automated part identification is possible.

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Find out all about us on the AMFlow-website!

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3d printing post processing

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