CurvCode, value-maximizer in recycling of plastics

Did you know that the value of recycled plastic drops dramatically when the purity is lower?
Purity of the sorted plastic is highly affected by contamination, caused by wrongly selected plastics of another sort.
Ensuring 100% right decisions and thus preventing mix up of materials is the holy grail in automated sorting of plastics.

Can technology make a holy Grail?

With CurvCode, the Dutch company Filigrade offers a fool-proof technology to add a coding to plastic products and semi-finished materials such as foils.
The coding is physically embossed in the surface of the product, so there are no additives added to the plastic itself.
The embossed code is hardly visible to the human eye, making it easy to provide redundancy by adding the code multiple times on the product.
Machine-vision camera’s and the smart FiliGrade algorithms need only a fraction of the code to be sure of the contents.

But in waste-streams, the products are damaged!

Even damaged or crushed products with part of the code intact will be recognized succesfully!

Quote in article in Packaging Europe

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Costs anyone?

The next good thing is that the technology leads to financial advantage to all involved parties in the chain.


Read the full GreenQuest article here:

And if you share our belief in CurvCode, please press the pink STEM! button and assign your vote to FiliGrade!

curvcode contains encrypted information in the dots and in the curve itself!

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