Professional Power Conversion keeps the world turning

Professional Power Conversion

Heliox has been working on it from day one.

We are currently known for the high-power charging solutions we develop and deliver world-wide.Professional Power Conversion

If only you knew what’s next in this area…..
….the solutions to enable the energy-transition towards 100% sustainable sources are on our drawing-boards already!

Soon the world will be familiar with us

Heliox is aware we have a powerful message to bring to you.
One that goes far beyond the charging solutions you may know already!

Our Why behind the upcoming innovaions:
We occupy this one Earth together, believing we should leave it to our kids in the best shape possible.
Heliox will set the standard and be known for bringing sustainable energy.

Yes, you can be part of it

professional power conversion

Heliox Professional Power Conversion will enable an endless availability of energy across the globe.
By smarter conversion of solar energy onto the grid.
The energy-heritage our generation leaves behind can enable a green planet. Sharing our knowledge, solutions and vision will contribute to a global green energy solution for all generations to come ……. as long as the sun shines.

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