Air Purifier for a clean room

With COVID-19 dominating the news, we are all becoming aware of the value of clean air.
Luckily we can spend quite some time outside and enjoy nature’s fresh air. However, there are numerous occasions where we find ourselves in a confined space with multiple people.
Do you recognize stepping into an elevator where other people have been going in and out all day?

Clean air is an option

Within enclosed spaces it is possible to increase the air cleanliness. By filtering air it becomes cleaner all the time.
The filtration will depend on the applied filter level, and in that perspective it is good to know that a professional device is coming to Europe.
Equipped with high tech cleanliness sensoring and high performance HEPA H13 filter, the mobile device shown below is easy to install and starts working immediately.

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One device typically has the capacity to guarantee air-cleanliness of a doctor’s waiting room, a dentist practical practise or an average classroom.
Keep in mind an investment around €3.000 and periodical filter replacements.
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