Software driven innovation

Software driven Innovation,

the core-competence of the

High Tech Software Cluster


software driven innovation

The High Tech Software Cluster (HTS Cluster) is an initiative of Brainport Development.
Under the general banner of ‘ Software driven Innovation ‘, the HTS Cluster strives for a better recognition of the contribution which software makes.

Getting ready for Generation Z

Until the 1960’s, innovation has merely been a hardware thing.
In the past six decades, the role of software has increased more than the average decision-maker is aware of. (!)software driven innovation
We must look ahead:
The future generation of decision-makers is now at college.
This means that we have a short time to act before these Generation Z people are streaming into the business.


HTS Cluster will use the theme of Software Driven Innovation to:

  • share knowledge,
  • bring experts together and, more importantly,
  • bring the knowledge to the market. (and vice-versa)

software driven innovation

The practical execution of the theme consists of two major investments:

HTSCluster Brings the knowledge to the market
HTS Cluster brings the market to the knowledge
  • HTS Cluster embraces the principles of Inbound Marketing to bring the market to the knowledge.

We practice what we preach: by nature, the whole system of Inbound Marketing is a software driven innovation.


Want more information on Inbound marketing as a tool to generate business by sharing knowledge?
Or more basic: Why Inbound Marketing?
Just let me know!


Research paper on Software driven Innovation.